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    Recycling, El Cajon, CA

    Welcome To...

    Greenfield Recycling

    Your Complete Recycling Center!

    El Cajon, CA's newest recycling center. You're going to love our Competitive Pay Out Prices, and our great Customer Service. Stop by today, and bring your:

    • Cans • Brass • Stainless
    • Plastic • Batteries • Appliances
    • Glass • Iron • Radiators
    • Copper • Milk Cartons

    Do your part in helping our environment. Doesn't that feel good? Plus, be Paid to Recycle. That feels Great! And we'll take care of the recycling.

    Reduce • Reuse • Recycle

    Serving The Communities Of:
    El Cajon, CA • Bostonia, CA • Winter Gardens, CA Granite Hills, CA • Lakeside, CA

    We serve in El Cajon, CA.

    We also offer:

    Recycling Center, Appliance Drop-Off, Radiator Disposal, Battery Recycle